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5GB Free takes 5 minutes to set up and is 100% commitment-free.

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After registering, you are free to upload your choice of images and script.

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Easily manage future edits and enhancements through cPanel.


Just because we offer free hosting, doesn't mean we offer second rate support. We actively monitor and update our dedicated support forum and FAQ.


Our fully-featured hosting is valued at $20 per month. Get it for free with 5GB Free! All accounts have 5GB space, 20GB bandwidth, 3 MySQL Databases, and PHP scripting. You also have your choice of a free 5GB Free domain name. Our servers are monitored 24/7 and we will quickly come to your rescue if any problem occurs.

Why Choose Free Website Hosting with 5GBFree?

What makes free website hosting worthwhile? Besides being free, it's a great way to host your beginner sites at absolutely no cost and without handing over any payment information whatsoever!

Even better, by choosing for your free web hosting services, you get so much more! For starters, you get the confidence of hosting your free hosting accounts with a service that has been around for over five years. Recent updates to our free web hosting service have also moved us to a state-of-the-art data center in the U.S., where our free website hosting services are powered on high-efficiency servers and an entire Cisco infrastructure.

In terms of features, with 5GBFree, you get a free 5GBfree domain name to go with your free hosting account, along with 1 FTP account, and then the perks just keep coming! Five GBs of free hosting space, 20GBs of free bandwidth, and up to 3 MySQL databases are totally included with your free website hosting package!

A Cut Above the Rest

Believe it or not there are even more reasons why you should choose 5GBFree as your free website hosting provider! In addition to the complimentary features listed above, what else makes our free hosting service so unique? Five reasons:

  1. Longevity
    We've been a recognized free website hosting service for five years now, long enough to see what's missing in the existing selection of free website hosting services on the web. Our recent revamping and upgrades to the site have been made to change the free web hosting world for good.
  2. Security Certified Data Center
    Just because we offer free website hosting doesn't mean we've skimped on service and support. How many other free web hosting services can say that?

    We're hosted in a PCI compliant and SAS 70 Type II certified data center, the perfect home for one of the most advanced free web hosting services in the world. That means that the security protocols of our US-based provider have been rigorously tested and approved by third party auditors. In addition, the infrastructure that supports our free website hosting services is comprised of nothing but the latest and greatest hardware and software to make our free hosting service a definite cut above the rest.
  3. The cPanel Solution
    With 5GBFree, you also get the backend convenience of administrating your free hosting account through the newest edition of cPanel, the market-leading control panel for user-administrated hosting accounts.

    cPanel is renowned for its quality and ease-of-use and we're one of the few free website hosting services in the world that offer it with our free hosting plans. You're guaranteed to notice and appreciate the difference cPanel will makes once you've registered for your free web hosting account.
  4. The Beauty of the CloudLinux Operating System
    The CloudLinux operating system for shared hosting servers is cutting edge in practically every respect. The stability and efficiency it offers as an operating system are currently unparalleled in the shared hosting world, which is why we've spared no expense to secure our own free web hosting servers with this amazing software.

    What does CloudLinux do? Simply put, CloudLinux eliminates the risk of server failure caused by the flooding of the system's resources. Using lightweight virtualized environments (LVEs), each user on the server, even a free web hosting server, is protected by the resource-usage of every other user. No matter how busy any other free hosting user gets on the server, your free hosting account will never be affected!

    Prior to CloudLinux, this was a significant and prominent downside to shared hosting, and most especially to free hosting services, but that fear is now a thing of the past. All of 5GBFree's free web hosting services are protected by the CloudLinux operating system.
  5. Exclusive Upgrade Discount
    Free website hosting services are the perfect way to start out any young site, but 5GBFree's free web hosting plan makes it easy to expand exactly when you need to and at a price you will love.

    By upgrading to 5GB Pro, not only will you, as a current free website hosting user, get to take advantage of an exclusive low monthly rate, but you get unlimited space, bandwidth, email, FTPs, domains, and MySQL databases. Additionally, 5GB Pro users have access to live, dedicated support by hosting experts!

If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? With no payment info required and no obligation, 5GBFree is the obvious choice for your free website hosting needs. Don't waste another minute! Get started today!