improve you site's speed with these 4 suggestions

I remember back to when I started my first website. Boy, was it slow! Coincidentally, I didn’t have much success in the search engines. If you’re unaware, Google looks at site speed and awards websites accordingly.

Before I help you understand what’s causing your website to be slow, it’s important to teach you how to identify your current situation. Google used to tell you your site speed through Webmasters Tools, but this is not the case anymore. Set up Google Analytics and  follow these steps:

  • select content
  • then site speed

What are the things that are currently slowing down your site?

1. Plugins

If you’re a user, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “don’t go plugin crazy”. Without question, WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms available to an aspiring internet business owner.

Plugins certainly revolutionized the blogging industry. New ones are coming out every day. The only problem with plugins is that too many affects your site speed. My general rule of thumb is no more than 2 plugins.

2. Images

Images come in all shapes and sizes. The bigger ones tend to slow down your site. Most owners have found that they can increase their site’s speed by re-sizing the pictures by a mere 5 to 10%.

3. Social sharing buttons

Some are better than others. I remember reading my first blogging book and it recommended add the ‘Add This’ social buttons to my site. I was new and naive to the blogging world and sure enough, I found, downloaded, and activated the plugin.

It made my site load extra slowly. My advice on social buttons? You need them, but you don’t need every friggin’ site out there. Just focus on the big ones: Twitter, Facebook, and G+.

Just in case you’re wondering, Google really wants to see the social application on your site. They are incorporating more and more social signals into their algorithm every day. Encourage your fans to share your content on the social networks. 🙂

4. Flash and Java

Dan Porter was quoted saying, “Flash is slow and buggy, and updates are slow to roll out. The performance of Flash is the single biggest cause of customer complaints.”

Google was quoted saying, “We recommend that you use rich-media technologies like Flash primarily for decorative purposes, and instead use HTML for content and navigation.”

I agree with both Google and Dan. Flash and Java slow your site down and they aren’t quite as user friendly. Use HTML instead. Your audience will enjoy the change and you might receive more search engine benefit.


Apply these 4 suggestions and you’ll see a much faster site speed. Try them and get back to me. Did I leave anything out?