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PHP (5)

Do you support PHP?

Yes, we fully support PHP, with some restrictions on its use. Upgrade to 5GB Pro to get even more support for a wider variety of PHP usage.

Do you support CURL?

Yes, with some restrictions. Upgrade to 5GB Pro for complete CURL support.  

Is Ioncube supported?

Ioncube support is only offered with 5GB Pro.

Is GD supported?

GD support is only offered with 5GB Pro.

Do you support Zend?

Zend optimizers support is only offered with 5GB Pro.

MySQL (8)

Do you support MySQL?

Yes, however there are some restrictions. Upgrade to 5GB Pro for more MySQL usability.

How do I connect to a MySQL database?

To connect to MySQL you must use the following details database name = username_dbname database user = username_dbuser host = localhost port = default database password = dbpassword NOTE: Replace the values dbname, dbuser and dbpassword with their real values. You must have already created this database and assigned privileges. See the article above for more information on this.

What is the URL for PHPMYADMIN?

Log in to cPanel and click the phpMyAdmin link.

Can I import a large database?

Importing a large database easily and with supported service is offered with 5GB Pro. However, if you search for “MySQL big dump importer” at, you may be able to import your large database into our free hosting service.

How do I backup a database?

You can backup via phpmyadmin >> export

How do I retrieve a lost database password?

You must delete this user and create it again. Remember to update your scripts config file with the new database user connection information if it has changed.

Can I have more than 3 MySQL databases?

3 MySQL databases per free account are offered; however, an upgraded 5GB Pro plan supports unlimited MySQL databases/users.

Domains (3)

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, you may have one additional domain. You can configure it from cPanel >> Parked Domains.

Can I have more than one subdomain?

The username supplied upon sign up serves as your subdomain. Additional subdomains are available with the upgraded 5GB Pro plan.

What are the Nameservers for domain registration?

Our Nameservers are and

Uploading (9)

What is the maximum file size?

The max file size for uploading any type of file is currently 8mb.

Can I use FrontPage extensions?

FrontPage Extensions support is only supported with5GB Pro.

How do I set up my FTP?

We send an email upon sign up with your FTP details. The following information applies: FTP hostname: “” FTP username: username FTP password: account password FTP port: 21

Can I use IE’s FTP?

Yes. URL: Replacing username and password with the correct values or type NOTE: Replace username with its correct value, and you will be prompted to login

Can I use Web FTP?

Yes, a service like will work.  

Do you recommend a FTP program?

We recommend, which is free open source software.

Can I upload a whole folder?

You may use FTP to upload folders to your account.

How many FTP connections can I have?

You may have two (2) FTP concurrent connections.

What methods to upload can I use?

We support FTP and Filemanager Uploads

Service (17)

Can I use SMTP?

Mail features are only supported with 5GB Pro. Upgrade today to receive full mail support with SMTP, EXIM, SENDMAIL, POP3, IMAP and more!

Can I lock my database tables?

Locking database tables is only supported with 5GB Pro.

Can I use mail?

Mail features are only supported with 5GB Pro.

Do you support gzip?

Gzip is only supported with 5GB Pro.

Can I use my account to just store files?

Storing files without an active website is only offered through 5GB Pro. You must have an active website or your account will be deleted, per our Terms of Service.

Do you support SSH?

No, SSH is not supported.  

Do you backup my files?

Backups are only provided for 5GB Pro users.

Do you support Installatron?

Yes, for both 5GB Free and 5GB Pro.

Can I run cron jobs?

Cron jobs are only supported with 5GB Pro.

ASP support/files?

ASP support/files are only available with 5GB Pro.

Can I customize my error pages?

To customize your error page, upgrade to 5GB Protoday.

Can I run python scripts?

Python scripts may only be run with an upgrade to 5GB Pro.

Do you support CGI?

CGI scripts are only supported with 5GB Pro.

Can I use SSI?

SSI is only supported with 5GB Pro.

Do you use SiteBuilder?

Upgrade to 5GB Pro for SiteBuilder support.

Account (4)

Why did I not receive an activation email?

Check your spam folder. If it is not there, sign up again using a service like Gmail or Yahoo

Why can’t I login?

Make sure cookies are turned on in your browser and your system clock is activated.

How many accounts can I have?

You can have as many accounts as you wish, even under the same email address, as long as they all abide by our AUP.

How can I change my username?

You cannot change your username.

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