how-often-should-you-publish-blog-posts When deciding how often to publish a post, there are a number of factors that go into it.

The first thing to consider is how much time you have. If you literally don’t have the time to write more than 1 post per week, don’t fret about whether you should be more prolific.

Of course, just because you have the time to write 5 posts per day doesn’t mean you should write that often.

Next, you have to decide how good your content is going to be. If you want to write pretty good posts, spending an hour or two per article, then maybe you should be posting every day.

Or, if you’re striving to create content that people want to share and bookmark, you’re going to be spread pretty thin trying to write more than 1-2 of these per week. These posts require intense research, careful planning, ruthless editing, and plenty of facts and resources.

The only blogs out there that I’ve seen produce daily content of A+ quality are the top blogs with teams of people, or a single very, very well respected pro who writes short, action-packed posts.

The type of blog you run also should play into the frequency of your writing.

If you’re running a news-style blog like Mashable or The Huffington Post, then your main goal is to post important news as frequently as possible. You need repeat visitors that rely on your site to be always up to date.

I’m guessing that most people starting blogs aren’t going to kill themselves trying to keep up with the latest news, so what about your little business blog?

Some people fall in the trap of setting a pace that they can’t possibly keep up with. After a month or so, they burn themselves out, and turn their time to marketing instead. However, their readers soon realize that the content just isn’t being published anymore, except sporadically.

It’s not just the physical writing that people burn themselves out on. People also tire of developing topic ideas day after day. If you sit down and plan out every single topic idea that you can imagine writing about, and you have 20, don’t publish those all in the first 20 days!

Set yourself a pace that you can keep up indefinitely. Personally, I like to write once per week, and make it an in-depth, well executed post. It might take me a few (or several, depending on the topic) hours to get everything the way I want it to sound, but I can keep the pace up indefinitely.

Plus, I’m never reaching for barely relevant topics just to keep pace with some silly self-imposed quota for writing posts.

Some bloggers believe that writing multiple times per day leads to maximum growth, but clearly not if the quality of content can’t be sustained.

If I can write one post, and that one post ranks on Google, gets shared on social media, and garners comments, then I’ll experience light-speed growth. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one post!

Writing one explosive post will blow 100 lame posts out of the water, traffic-wise.

How often do you post? What do you think is the optimal frequency?