The number one reason that most people fail in MLM is that they run out of money. Monthly autoships can run anywhere from $50 to $500 per month, along with all the other tools and systems used to build a sweet marketing funnel.

Any extra cost is not only an annoyance, but can actually contribute to shutting down your little business. MLMs take some time to work out – and saving money can help buy the time you need to build a successful team.

By using free web hosting, you can build a blog without an extra penny to your monthly spend – and use it to recruit for your MLM.

Having built an MLM team before, I know that using a blog can be an especially effective resource.

You see, you can recruit people who believe that you’ll help them make money. They like you and want to work with you, as well as tap into your knowledge and resources so they can build their own MLM team. A blog can help you advertise your skills, successes, and experience. Plus, a blog can do this automatically with hundreds of people at once.

Here’s how to use a blog to help position you as the MLM expert!

Write MLM Success Articles – By writing these types of posts, you’ll attract interested readers like a picnic attracts ants. They’ll flock to you for giving them practical information.

It’s important to note that you’re not writing sales copy in your blog posts. There’s a time and place for that, but your posts should be pure value so that your readers will recognize your usefulness as a possible MLM mentor.

Create a “Join Me” Tab – Many bloggers underestimate the power of a tab with a simple call-to-action. If your free hosted blog provides killer value, then it’s only natural for your readers to want to know more about you. Many will be standing by, wallets in hand, wondering how they can pay you to teach them what you know.

This is the page where you can let loose and talk about how they can join you.

Offer Coaching – Many people need more from you before they join than some stuff you’ve written. Coaching might be the fastest way to prove to someone your immediate value. You not only get paid, but you’re given an opportunity to show a prospect your chops – and give them a taste of what they’ll get if they join your team.

Offer a Free eBook – As I’m sure you can guess, the topic of your eBook will be how to have success in MLM. At the end of the eBook, you can offer them coaching, or even invite them to join right then. I would opt towards the coaching route – it’s always nice getting paid while talking to leads!

Email Your List – When I was building my MLM, emailing my list frequently turned out to be one of the most profitable activities that I did. I could easily further the relationships started on my blog and take that to the next level with daily emails.

Imagine you’re considering joining an MLM.

You find a blog, read some awesome articles about MLM success, download an eBook that teaches you some more recruiting skills, receive daily email tips to build an MLM, and even eventually get some coaching.

And, all of that comes from one single person. Wouldn’t you immediately believe that person was an expert?

You can do all of that with a blog, and do it without paying a cent.

Do you know any other ways to build your MLM using a blog?