How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Are you having a hard time getting the page views, likes, and follows that you want for your blog content? Here are a few social media tips to take your blog visibility up a notch.

Using Facebook and Liking It

Generating likes for your blog necessitates a decent social media effort, and since many of us use Facebook, this is a good place to start. However, it’s not as simple as attaching your blog URL to your Facebook profile and calling it good; you need to actively draw people to your blog site by promoting individual posts.

A good way to start is by liking the pages of business and brands connected to your subject matter. And, after a little investigation to see if they allow tags or mentions on their wall, link them to any blog posts they’d be interested in. Building connections with the people that care about your topic is key, so don’t hesitate to put yourself out there.

Creating a Facebook page for the blog itself also helps because it frees up your personal account for other things, and gives you double sharing capabilities. Sharing blog updates on your blog page and then on your personal account will help Facebook to give you a higher EdgeRank so you appear in more newsfeeds.

Giving your blog its own dedicated Facebook page will increase your online presence. Unless you are willing to friend all of your blog followers with your personal Facebook, creating a blog Facebook is necessary to effectively use Facebook to get follows and likes. And, since not everyone wants to go and check your blog every day to see if it has been updated, posting updates on Facebook will help you get the traffic you want without expecting too much of your reader.

When connecting your blog with Facebook, it’s important to have a Facebook “Like” button on each of your blog posts, and a “Like me on Facebook” button on your blog. This will allow users to step up their engagement by actively liking and sharing your posts on the social media platform, leading to more general exposure for your content.

Tweeting up a Storm

People are constantly engaging celebrities, brands, and other entertainment sources on Twitter, which means that creating a twitter page for your blog, or connecting your personal Twitter to your blog, and encouraging people to follow you will expand your blog’s Internet presence.

Adding a “tweet this” button to your blog, encouraging readers to follow you on Twitter, and posting your blog updates on your Twitter account will help you to gain traction and followers, especially if you use hashtags. In fact, many businesses underutilize the hashtag facility, and according to a RadiumOne survey, 43% of their respondents found hashtags to be useful, and 34% used them to search and follow tweeters according to their personal interests. And, since Facebook is now adding the hashtag facility to their platform, I’m sure it’s only going to increase from here on out.

As with any sort of keyword usage, you need to think of a term that both applies to your blog posts and is individual enough for your tweets not to get lost in the Twittersphere. Using sites like Tagboard can help you to track hashtag usage across a variety of social media platforms, allowing you to understand the conversation that’s already happening so you can insert yourself into it.

In addition, following tweeters that are connected to and interested in your blog topics can help you to create a Twitter following, especially if you engage them in conversations about your shared topic interests. Searching for your hashtag and commenting on other tweets that use that same tag can help you gain exposure and connect with other tweeters and bloggers that are interested in the same content.

Consolidating Your Social Media Platforms

Posting on all of your different social media platforms can feel overwhelming, so remember that it’s better to use a few networks really well than doing a half-baked job on a wide variety.

Consolidating your social media platforms into one can really help you keep on top of your social media presence. If you have a smartphone that you use for social media promotion, this can be pretty easy, and you can connect your social media apps so that they post when the others do: photos can go from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook. However, using sites such as Hootsuite makes it easy to do from both phone and desktop, and generally allows you more control over what goes where while having all your feeds in a centralized space.

If you’re struggling to gain the blog followers and views that you really want, stepping up your social media game can make the difference. Spending more time promoting content, and connecting with other bloggers and related brands, can help you to get your blog’s name out there: just don’t forget the power of the hashtag!


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