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Google demands fresh, original content on the reg. How do you keep up? Here are 13 ideas to keep in your back pocket as you’re keeping up with the demand for your brand or brands.

  1.  Focus on targeted topics
  2.  Keep it short and sweet
  3.  Fall in love with lists
  4.  Be specific
  5.  Consider outsourcing
  6.  Repurpose other content
  7.  Report on an internal project or test
  8.  Create an ebook
  9.  Bite the bullet-ed lists
  10.  Resurrect videos and infographics
  11.  Lean on images
  12.  Interview industry thought-leaders, even internally
  13.  Link to other resources

The Breakdown

Want a little more detail? Here’s the list with a bit more commentary.

One: Focus on Target Topics
All of the content that will survive as introductory material to your prospects (or content at the top of your sales funnel) should be given priority in terms of quality, specificity in purpose (leading to a CTA), and effort. All of your other content, namely blog posts, is going to be supplemental so consider that as you’re thinking of topics that will supplement and support your main goal: to make sales.

Two: Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t make your content drag on and on. It must be easy to digest and pass on. That’s the way to make a piece of content viral as well.

Three: Fall in Love with Lists
Lists are wonderfully scannable and should be featured often in your posts.

Four: Be Specific
When generating content ideas, consider that highly specific topics lend themselves to limited, targeted research. Broad topics will require much more time and research in order to become an authority.

Five: Consider Outsourcing
This doesn’t just mean outsourcing to freelance writers and content creators, but reaching out to guest bloggers as well who may have something relevant to say on your site.

Six: Repurpose Other Content
If you’ve already made a video or an infographic, translate or transcribe that content into blog form.

Seven: Report on an Internal Project or Test
If you’re running tests on your site, or developing a new product, write up a post on your experience and findings.

Eight: Create an eBook
What’s your expertise? What are you an authority on? Write up your knowledge in ebook form and then promote it on social media and your blog.

Nine: Bite the Bullet-ed Lists
Along the same lines as using lists, using bullets where applicable to emphasis your most important points.

Ten: Resurrect Videos and Infographics
Have you created content in that past that performed especially well? Use it again in a “flashback” type post or to reinvent and reuse the topic with additional data and experience.

Eleven: Lean on Images
Take advantage of such popular sites as Instagram and Pinterest by creating sharable images.

Twelve: Interviews!
Who do you have on staff that has expert knowledge in a relevant subject? Pick their brains and then write up your interview in an interesting Q&A session.

Thirteen: Link to Other Resources
Compile helpful lists that take a subject and then link out to the “Top Ten Most Helpful Tools for…” This is always a good idea when you’re in a fix for content.


Let us know how your content creation efforts go with these tips! We’d love to hear from fellow content creators.


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