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New Year’s Resolutions are kind of silly. Most people go crazy about them for about 2 weeks in January, forget them February through November, then remember them again frantically sometime in December.

I’ve been working on some resolutions myself, but I choose to revisit them at the beginning of each month to keep myself on track. Here are my 3 “New Year’s Resolutions” that you should really just make every month.

Shop Less

Mindless shopping is one of the biggest drains on my financial goals. When I have free time, it’s tempting to spend that time (and money) on an “innocent” visit to my favorite bargain stores or shopping on the apps that I love. It’s not so innocent anymore when I leave with items I didn’t realize I needed when I walked into the store.

The Fix: The issue for me here is boredom. I’ve always enjoyed walking around the aisles of a store and just looking at the items. Feeling fabrics, joking about some of the hideous things people call “fashion.” So instead of going retail shopping when I get bored like this, I allow myself to go grocery shopping as often as I want.

This substitution leads to more creativity in the kitchen, less money wasted, and less eating take-out food. Which is a good segue to my next resolution.

Cook More

The other major drain on my finances…FOOD. I love food. So much. But I don’t plan well when it comes to feeding myself. I buy take-out far too often, and I’ve allowed my taste to get too expensive (and take-out has just gotten more expensive.) This is a silly struggle that a lot of single people have. When there’s no one to feed but yourself and you’ve got the means to buy food on the go, there isn’t much motivation to plan your meals.

The Fix: My problem with cooking is the planning required. When I have time, I don’t have ingredients. When I have ingredients, I don’t have time. I come to a compromise by having one big cooking day, and not trying to carve out time each evening to make something delicious.

I’ll cook one or two large meals on Sunday evening and eat the leftovers for lunches and dinners most of the week. I also invested in a nice set of glass containers to pack and reheat my food in. If you don’t usually eat leftovers, LEARN! It makes preparations for the week so much easier.

Go Outside

Mankind has spent thousands of years perfecting the indoors, so it can be tough to break the habit of staying inside all day every day. Going outside, even if just for a short time, has big benefits. Fresh air, feeling and seeing what season it is outside of the air-conditioned office, vitamin D from real sunlight, and real plants are all unique to the outdoors! Getting outside can help to regulate your body’s natural clock (sleep better), improve your moods, and boost productivity.

The Fix: Really, you just have to do it. It may be a set 15 minute walk after lunch. Or maybe it’s a lap around the building the first time you yawn at your desk. Start with short periods of time, but just commit to doing it every day.

Bonus: Be a good person!

Compliment people, hold the door, smile! Prove to everyone that there is good in the world. Do it all year, every year!

Here’s to 2017!