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4 Fun Ways to Break Up the Monotony of an Office Work Day You may have witnessed the “What’s in your desk” trend developing in the recent months, and while I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon (mostly because my desk is boring), I do think there is some value in breaking up the monotony of a work day with office games and fun. Depending on your office culture, you may already have a set of office pranks and games you play on and with your coworkers. Here at 5gbfree we change each other’s desktop backgrounds if computers are left unattended and unlocked, and we’ve been known to hide each other’s lunches. However, there are some office antics that we should definitely try out.

Friendly Competitions

Earlier this year, 5gbfree had an office ab competition (who could lose the most stomach weight and score the best looking abs in time for summer!). It ran from January to April 1st, and the winner received the pot of buy-in money. If you’re looking for a great way to motivate your employees or coworkers, this is a great way to get everyone coming together to meet goals. While physical fitness might not be part of your immediate work industry, having an office that is healthy and eats well can definitely improve productivity, so physical goals and competitions can really aid the work environment, as well as foster friendly banter.

Social Media Sharing

Encouraging your employees to interact with social media, and to use social media to develop work friendships is really important for keeping your office cohesive and productive. The 5gbfree office tends to bond over funny BuzzFeed articles that we share with each other to break up the sameness of a day. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours is hard, so having a relationship with your work colleagues is definitely an important part of breaking up the monotony, and this can help you build connections across the office. Office Pranks, Games, and Fun As I previously mentioned, 5gbfree employees sometimes take the time to prank each other, but if you’re considering office pranks it is definitely a good idea to know the person beforehand. If you’re not sure if a prank is appropriate, think about other things you can do around the office to boost morale and put the fun into work. We have a teeny, tiny bowling set that we play with, and every Friday afternoon we have a two-song dance party which we may or may not document in the near future. These small breaks help us to come together as a team, and to exercise our funny bones.

Eat and Greet

There’s that one saying about breaking bread and becoming friends, or whatever it says, and I think that’s an important part of a work environment too. We have treats at big planning meetings, training meetings, for people’s birthdays, and a weekly barbecue on Friday afternoons. Eating with each other again helps us to socialize, and socializing helps us to work better as a team. Also, treats can be used to incentivize the removal of certain behaviors, for example, if you’re late to work you have to bring treats the next day. This not only rewards those who are punctual, but again creates a space where workers can bond and socialize. There are all types of things that can be done to break up the monotony of a long 8 hour work day, so share your ideas. What else should an office team do to have fun?