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What I learned about blogging in my first year

It’s been a little over a year since I began my career blogging for local businesses. I have always loved writing, but blogging has been a completely new experience. To celebrate my year in the biz, I wanted to share four very important things that I have learned since I began blogging. These items may not be revolutionary, but they were huge lessons for me and I hope they help you too.

Oftentimes, titles are my best source of inspiration. Finding good marketing titles can be the best way to inspire a blog post. Having a title before creating the meat of the post can not only help you decide what to write about, but it can also give you a good angle or sense of direction. You can decide to write a rambling piece about SEO, or you can write about SEO secrets, myths, changes, etc. I’ve also found that a strong marketing title makes my post feel more solid, and consequently, more valuable to the reader.

The same topic can be written about in multiple posts. All you have to do is change the angle a little bit. One of my favorite methods is to write how-to posts, and then write about mistakes. For instance, you can write about how to market on Tumblr, then write about how marketers are failing at Tumblr. The only caveat to this piece of knowledge is that I would separate the blog posts in some way so that the information isn’t one after another.

You’ll never run out of things to write about. Sure, I’ve gotten writer’s block many times. But I’ve discovered in blogging that most of my writing slumps come more from a lack of confidence in any topic I find to write about rather than a dearth of topics. I’m on the Internet literally every minute I’m at work. I have a plethora of articles available to me on my Feedly account, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest, and more. There are endless possibilities that come from any of the events that happen each and every day – to say that you have nothing to write about in the midst of all that shows more of a lack of background knowledge on those topics than an actual creative block. Once I did a little research on those topics, I usually found that I had something good to write about.

Don’t be intimidated by the experts. The Internet marketing and blogging industry has existed for a few decades now, and there are people who have been here that entire time. It may feel like what you have to say won’t be as good as the experts. In truth, maybe it won’t be – but does that matter? You can still attract a sizable audience. The industry is already over-saturated with articles and blog posts on every topic imaginable. All you have to do is market yours well to gain some readers.

What important lessons have you learned since you started blogging? How have you grown as a blogger this past year?