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One of the best ways to promote your blog is to comment on other blogs. But this advice can seem very contradictory to another popular blog promotion tip, which is not to blatantly push your blog everywhere. An ill-conceived comment can severely damage your reputation: instead of convincing bloggers and readers to follow your link, a poor comment can sway them to never look at your blog. Knowing the balance of how to write an appreciated comment on someone else’s blog while simultaneously bolstering your own is a complicated and confusing task for blog novices and experts alike. Practice a few of these items the next time you go to contribute to another blog:

  1. Never just comment your blog’s URL. Always put something in the comment to go along with your shameless promotion. Almost nobody is going to click on a random link that has no explanation to go with it.
  2. Make sure you comment something constructive. If you were confused by the blog post, you can politely say that. You can ask questions, say what you liked about the post, or even say what you disagreed with, as long as you do so in a nice way. Bloggers know that they aren’t always going to be loved, so it’s okay to post some constructive criticism or opposing opinions. However, bloggers don’t tolerate trolls. Going too far with a negative post is not going to promote your blog, and it will probably get your comment deleted.
  3. You don’t have to share your blog’s URL every single time you post. If you like another person’s thoughts, commenting can build a relationship with them. Having a community of bloggers leads to link parties, guest posting, and even showcasing your blog on their own. Some blogging platforms allow a space for you to put your website URL along with your name and email when you comment. Always fill in that space. If someone chooses to look into you more, they will have that option available, but it won’t show up in the comment itself.
  4. Share your blog URL if you have written a blog post that relates to the post you are commenting on. This means related in any way: if you both have recipes that use bacon, share your post. If you both have opinions on the same current event or political topic, whether or not your opinions differ or are the same, then share it. This can also be a great way to gain some inspiration. If someone has written a blog post sharing their New Year’s Resolutions, you can write a post copying the theme (make sure you give credit where it is due). Then you can share that post in a comment, letting the original author know that they influenced you.