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Free hosting provider, 5GBFree.com, partners with global hosting provider NetHosting to deliver lowest cost virtual hosting solution.

Orem, UT This week, 5GBFree.com, one of the web’s leading free website hosting providers, announced that through its partnership with NetHosting, a leading provider of Cloud, Dedicated Server, and Virtual Hosting services since 1994, it will make web hosting even more affordable and available to people and businesses worldwide. Together, they have arranged to cut the price of 5GBFree.com’s Pro plan from $7.95 per month to $2.95 per month, making them the providers of the least expensive unlimited hosting in the world.

Powered by CloudLinux, these hosting plans will be stored in a virtual cloud. This means that each virtual server enjoys all the security you’d get from having an individual dedicated server, while still benefitting from the low cost of sharing space with other virtual machines.

5GBFree.com still offers free accounts with limited capabilities and features, such as embedded advertisements, capped bandwidth and storage space, and forum-based support. The Pro accounts have no embedded ads, space and bandwidth are unlimited, and users have access to 24/7 technical support from NetHosting’s own Dedicated Experts™.

Regarding this arrangement, Troy Stephens, Technical Services Manager for 5GBFree, said,
“This is something that the Internet hasn’t seen before. We’ve made it affordable for everyone to build and host their own websites for less than the price of popcorn at the movies. And we feel that people are really going to respond.”

This new deal is available to both current 5GB Free subscribers and new customers, and can be found at 5GBfree.com’s signup page here.

About 5GBFree.com

5GBFree.com has provided free, no-obligation website hosting for over five years and was acquired by NetHosting in 2012. Since the acquisition, its services have expanded to include a 5GB Pro package that offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as live technical support.

Currently, 5GB Pro represents the lowest priced Unlimited Web Hosting on the Internet. Sign up for 5GB of free hosting at http://www.5GBFree.com.