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Here at 5GBFree, our primary concern is for our customers. We believe in providing a quality service, even if one of our main offerings doesn’t require a credit card.

Recently, we’ve been working hard to advance our service. We’ve installed algorithms to help us detect websites that break our terms of service, such as spam or inappropriate content. We especially look for sites that haven’t created an index page – which is a good indication that the site isn’t being used as a normal website. These sites have been, and will continue to be, deleted.

Also, sites that haven’t been touched for a length of time will be cleared off the servers.

By locating and deleting these sites, your free shared hosting account will be much more secure. You won’t have to share space on the server with sites that may be harmful. Furthermore, with less of a burden on our servers, we’ll be able increase the uptime of your site and deliver your data without interruption. In the short time since implementing these upgrades, we’ve already achieved a noticeable uptick in the service quality.

Support for our free hosting service is located in the forum. We’ve also recently enhanced the functionality of the forum in order to better serve our customers.

Our reliable free service is perfect for small sites, such as a free or business blog, or a start-up ecommerce site. When the time comes when you need a little more functionality, you can upgrade to our full-featured unlimited hosting service for $2.95 per month.