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Being a business owner can be very rewarding and interesting, but sometimes all you want to do is shut your brain off and take a break. We’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels you can visit to do just that! Queue these up to take a break from the grind, but still find rewarding and interesting content to help you push your business further.

1. Ramit Sethi
Sethi’s Zero to Launch series is full of great tips and answers to questions commonly asked by entrepreneurs and business owners.

2. MarieTV
Marie Forleo has nearly 100 videos addressing small-business issues in her Build a Meaningful Business series. She covers everything from legal tips to marketing to keeping the passion in your business.

3. Inc.
Inc has two awesome categories for entrepreneurs on their channel: “How I Did It” and “Founders Forum”. These videos will give you insights from other entrepreneurs and creators that have seen success in their industries.

4. Robin Sharma
Sharma shares how to be a unique and powerful individual in a series of mastery sessions. His messages are centered on finding purpose and power in yourself and figuring out how to leverage that power to be successful in life and business.

5. Entrepreneur
As an extension of their website, Entrepreneur produces lots of great content for -you guessed it- entrepreneurs. Their “It’s Your Business. Run It Right.” and “E360” categories provide awesome advice for new and growing businesses. Take a look and you’re sure to find some gold!

6. Dale Partridge
Partridge is the author of People Over Profit and has a series of about ten videos that are packed with great tips to get yourself and your business more productive and profitable.

We hope that these channels will get you through the days that you need a bit of a change from your daily schedule and that you’ll find some awesome tips for your business.

Keep up the good work, people!