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How does it sound to get something for nothing? Too good to be true, right? And yet, at 5GBFree.com, it is true. For $0 every month, you can getfree website hosting with incredible features like MySQL databases, PHP ability, forum support (administrated by our hosting experts), and more. For another $0 a month, you also get the cPanel Admin to handle all the edits and enhancements you need to make to your site.

We’ve been around for five years, and with our recent updates, we’ve moved to a US-based, PCI and SAS 70 Type II certified data center, which means that the data that you host with us is secure! At any other hosting company, you could be paying between $15 and $20 a month for the same cutting edge software (including the revolutionary CloudLinux operating system!), hardware, and security certifications, but here at 5GBFree.com, we laugh in the face of $20 a month!

A little more about CloudLinux: imagine if your shared hosting server was never brought down by other users’ resource-spikes. Well, that’s exactly what CloudLinux does. By protecting each user’s resources in lightweight virtualized environments (LVEs), each individual user and the server as a whole is secured. It’s the latest miracle software in shared hosting, and it’s all yours with our free web hosting service.

If, due to the amazing uptime your site maintains, your traffic exceeds the benefits of what a 5GBFree hosting account can provide, we also offer a 5GB Pro option. For just $2.95 a month, bump those 5 gigs up to an unlimited amount of space. The Pro account also includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited 24/7 support, unlimited MySQL databases, and a whole lot more.

But why take our word for it? You will never be asked to sign a contract for your 5GBFree hosting plan. Guaranteed. There’s no commitment when you register for your free web hosting account, so you really don’t have to take our word for it. Try it out and see if 5 minutes later you really have afree web hosting account with all of these incredible features at your fingertips for a whopping $0 monthly fee.

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