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The line between a company’s social and SEO departments is a fine one, which can complicate the way responsibilities between the two are delegated.


The responsibilities of SEO is to:

  • fine-tune keywords and search terms
  • equip site to be found for chosen search terms
  • improve search engine ranking
  • generate leads through improved search engine ranking

Social’s objective is to:

  • promote active engagement on company social media outlets
  • cultivate positive brand awareness
  • improve brand visibility by sharing quality content and provoking viewer response
  • engage with audience

What intertwines the two departments is the fact that they are relying on the same audience for success, and that one informs the other.

Social and SEO Overlap

SEO can inform a social department’s strategy by giving them proven search terms and phrases that social can use in their reputation marketing efforts. This will help your audience to begin associating your brand with designated search terms. This is also called domain-level brand metrics, which is a way of tracking and promoting the occurrence of brand name usage on social.

Social has a constant finger on the pulse of trending audience interests, discussions, and attitudes. This information is useful to SEO as their team develops creative content that directly speaks to those trends. It will also inform long-tail keyword selection for more targeted search results.

More targeted content on your website will in turn draw more engagement, shares, and ultimately improved SEO rankings, completing the cycle that ties social and SEO together.

The Goal: Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

By creating a symbiotic partnership between your social and SEO departments, you will begin producing content that is on-point with what your audience is craving. With both teams drawing their initiatives from the analytic data, your readers and customers will begin to feel a connection to your brand that will foster referrals, repeat purchases, and stable growth and sales into the future.

Brand advocates are the unpaid evangelists for your services and products. If you succeed in inspiring several of those, the prospects for your continued success are outstanding.

What do you feel is the most effective way to integrate SEO and social objectives?

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