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Writing enough to keep up with your blog posting schedule can be a demanding task. It’s especially bad when I have a rough day coming up with a topic, and then I begin thinking about the next 5 years’ worth of posts.

It seems impossible.

But, it gets even worse if you’re like me and decide to begin guest posting on sites across the web. Before you know it, you’re coming up with 7-8 topics per week, and you feel like your will to write has been wrung out of you like a wet towel.

That’s when it might be time to start outsourcing.

However, let me make this clear. I never, ever, post outsourced articles on my personal blog or on this blog. I’ve always felt that your personality that comes through in your writing is one of your biggest assets. You want people to learn to love the way you write and express yourself, not some person that you outsource to.

Of course, there are certain types of sites where outsourcing articles might be perfect for you, especially if you’re trying to manage 3 or 4 blogs at once.

However, I think outsourcing works splendidly for the majority of my guest posts – especially when I’m shooting for quantity over quality. Occasionally, I’ll slave over a great post and submit it to a high-profile site, but usually I’ll send outsourced articles (or ones I whip out in 30 minutes) to smaller sites around the web.

The trick is to outsource without breaking the bank and still get quality stuff. Should you go super-cheap and get a ton of crappy articles? Or should you pay $100 an article and have them be New York Times worthy? You have to find that balance between saving money and getting decent quality posts.

Find a Good Outsourcing Company

The absolute ideal situation would be to find one person who is a capable, prolific author and willing to work for cheap.

Good luck! And if you find someone like that, ride that horse to the finish line!

The next best, in my opinion, is to find a company that specializes in outsourcing with a good reputation. The one that I use is called Textbroker. You can select the quality of article you want written based on a 5-star system. Usually, I can get a 500 word article written for $9 – $11 for a fairly high quality article.

Trust me, when it comes to preserving your sanity, that’s a small price to pay.

You can also keep track of the writers who have worked for you, so you can begin to form your own little army of go-to writers that you trust.

Outsourced writing doesn’t have to be cruddy, slapped together quality delivered by a nonnative speaker. Spend a little time now to develop an effective outsourcing strategy with a reliable company, and you can exponentially grow your business!

What do you think about outsourcing? Has it benefited your business?