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Everyone needs a little help now and then – even the pros! If you’re stuck wondering what to do or face a technical issue with your 5GBFree hosted site, we’ve got you covered. The 5GBFree forum is an online community where both users and admins come together to find solutions to common problems.

Anyone can access and read forum posts, but in order to submit a new topic you have to be a registered 5GBFree user. Once you have an account, just use the same login information to sign in to the forum. Currently, our forum has more than 33,000 registered users so you’re bound to find help when you need it.

If you use 5GBFree’s web hosting services, you should have received an email after registering that includes your forum login information. Anyone can view questions and topics, but only users that have registered with 5GBFree can create posts.

5GBFree Forum Topics

The 5GBFree forum has two main categories and five subcategories to further assist you in finding the help you need. To post a new topic, choose the most relevant category and select the “New Topic” button at the top-left of the page.

After your question is posted, you’ll see it on the forum category’s main page. From there, you’ll be able to see how many replies you’ve received and the number of views on your post. You can also browse the category to see if a similar question has already received an answer in the past.

Sample 5GBFree Forum Post

Though you may not receive an answer immediately, most questions are answered within a few days of when they were posted. The 5GBFree forum is the best place to get personalized answers to your questions, but there are other places to get help.

5GBFree FAQ Page https://5gbfree.com/faq/

A great resource is the 5GBFree FAQ page that has a list of frequently asked questions with simple solutions. Before you post in the forum, check to see if your question is on our FAQ page.

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Web Hosting Talk Forumhttp://www.webhostingtalk.com/

It’s easy to register and this community is HUGE. It’s full of experts and people new to web hosting so you don’t need to be an advanced web developer to join in on the conversation. Topics range from dealing with spam to web design and tutorials on transferring accounts from your old hosting provider.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorialshttp://www.w3schools.com/

W3Schools.com is the world’s largest web developer website and has a lot of information you may find useful. They have tutorials on HTML, PHP, CSS and much more. You can also get certified in certain topics such as JavaScript after going through all their tutorials.

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