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Starting a business is a lot of work. It takes effort to build a customer base and get prospects to trust you. If you spend some time and money making your business look more professional, you’ll be able to grow and gain customer trust much faster. Dive into this list and figure out where your small business could use a more professional image!

1. Claim a Domain Name

The first thing many of your customers see will be your domain name. Make sure it makes sense and fits your business’ brand. If you’re still running your small business from your 5gbfree page or WordPress’ free domain, make sure you upgrade to a real hosting account so that you can put your best foot forward. May we recommend our partner, Nethosting.com?

2. Get a Real Logo

A logo will make branding and advertising much easier. Have a freelancer do one for cheap! You can find designers on fiverr.com, upwork.com and many other sites that will make you a logo without going bankrupt. Your logo goes on your website, your social media, your business cards, your packaging, etc. You’ll want to spend a bit of money to make sure it’s something that really reflects your brand.

3. Make Clean Business Cards

Whether you’re using them at networking events or just handing them to customers at your storefront, business cards are still a useful tool for business. Put some thought into the design of your cards; the weight of the paper, the colors, the logo, the fonts and sizes, and the accuracy of the information. Make sure that it says just enough about your business to get the customer to come back or refer a friend.

4. Collect Social Proof

More than half of customers consult the internet for reviews before they purchase a product or go to a restaurant. Make sure that potential customers can find you when they do that. Collect reviews from happy customers, take feedback from less-than-happy customers and use it all to make you better. If you haven’t built your social media presence yet, display any positive feedback on your website to help customers make a decision.

5. Build Your Social Media Presence

There are countless social media channels where businesses can build their presence. When you are present on social media, you can associate your branding with the reviews and questions customers are putting online. If you choose to use social media, make sure you have a professional tone in any questions or complaints you are addressing. Find out where your industry’s customers go to find reviews and make sure your business is represented.

6. Set Up a Dedicated Phone and Email

If customers can’t find information online through reviews and other social proof, there’s a chance they’ll want to contact you to ask their questions. By setting up a dedicated business phone number and email address, you lessen the risk of answering the phone unprofessionally or sending an email you didn’t intend to send. You’ll also need to make sure those contacts are available on your website.

7. Use High Quality Photos

Wherever possible, use photos that are original and related to your offering. Opt for high-definition photos, and make sure that you have permission to use the photo if you didn’t take it yourself. Professional photos will make your products and your website look much more serious and professional!


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you saw your business’ current version of the 7 items above would it make you more or less confident about doing business with your company? If the answer is no…fix it!