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Guest posting is one of the best ways for bloggers to improve their SEO. Getting a blog post published on another blogger’s blog creates an excellent opportunity for backlinking and inviting another blogger to write for your blog gives you fresh content. But many bloggers are finding the process of writing and receiving guest posts far too complicated and time consuming.

Bloggers first have to establish relationships with other bloggers. You can try to do this through following and commenting on other blogs, a strategy that takes lots of time and effort. You can ask a blogger you admire to write for you and hope that they will eventually reciprocate, but they might now follow through. Some try to join communities or networks that will help facilitate the process, but this limits the decision-making abilities for the publisher. A few websites have been created that attempt to ease the pain, but actually end up creating more headaches.

Fortunately, a new website that creates guest posting relationships was launched this week. FreeGuestPost.com is still in beta mode, but promises a new future for bloggers interested in guest posting strategies. The website connects writers and publishers according to the topics they write or publish. This eliminates the need to drudge through blog after blog, trying to establish an individual relationship with each one for the sake of a guest post strategy.


You will no longer have to search for an expert to share their wisdom. Take a break from creating content and just concentrate on the productivity of your website. Shake things up with a new voice.

Here’s how to start: go to FreeGuestPost.com and request an article. You can choose the topic and make other specifications based on what you want. Wait a while, and a writer will fulfill this request by writing a post for you. If you like what they’ve come up with, you can approve it and publish it to your blog. Or search for already written posts and ask the writer for his or her permission to publish it.

WordPress users can also download a plugin to streamline the process even further. The plugin makes the database of writer’s articles and publisher’s requests accessible from your blog’s dashboard. A click of a few buttons is all it takes to have crisp content published to your website.


A writer’s work can now be spread out over numerous blogs. This is great for many different types of writers: those wishing to promote a brand or their own blog; writers who want to gain experience through practice; and writers who wish to pad their resume with multiple online publications.

Here’s what you can do – either fulfill a publisher’s request, or post your own article. Publishers can read your article and ask you if they can publish it on their website. If you say yes, then you’ll find your writing waiting for you on their blog!