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It’s hard to admit it, but your website is a drop in the bucket compared to every other site that’s just like yours, which are all competing for your customers. So what are you going to do about it? Well, like any strategist, you’re going to put your ear to the ground and listen to the rumblings of your competitors. What are they doing and how can you do it better?

On your mark, get set, Christmas!

The holiday season is close on our heels. It’s time to whip your online store into shape in order to claim a bit of key real estate on Google as your customers flock to the web to make their purchases. Some tools to consider are:

  • Google Special Offers
    This will put your product(s) in the spotlight on the search page as a special promotion within Google’s product ads. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage even for a week during the shopping season to boost your earnings in the final quarter.
  • Google Seller Ratings
    You’ll need to list your products on Shopzilla and feature your online store as a Google Trusted Store in order to start accumulating seller reviews. Shoppers are going to be looking for a reason to click your link over countless others, and ratings will make all the difference in winning that elusive click for your business.
  • Google Product Ratings
    Google made a recent update in July that increased the visibility of this feature, making it that much more important to your strategy. Where a seller rating only appears for retailers who have at least three and a half stars, your product ratings are going to show even if they’re at a one.

It’s a Mobile Game

Remember, your competitors know that shoppers are flocking in greater and greater numbers to their mobile devices to do most of their online exploring. To change your mobile bids on Google Adwords, go to settings in your Shopping Campaign, select Devices, click on bid adjustment and set your bid percentage at a level that makes sense for the amount of mobile traffic your site generally receives.

Location, Location, Location

Targeting based on location will make a big difference in your conversions, but you’ll have to monitor your performance in this area closely in order to quickly adjust in the event that you pick the wrong region to focus on.

Hopefully when you started your Google Shopping Campaign, you noticed or started tracking your geographic performance. If you haven’t, start now and pick a region to focus on based on your site, audience, and goals. Start with state-level bids. Keep an eye on your performance and adjust every 30 days.

Your Competitors are Watching You Too

You have to assume that your competitors are also keeping an eye on you too. Keep them on their toes by proactively tackling these strategies instead of waiting for the season to be in full swing. Your bottom line will be grateful you did!


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